Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bark Collar

The photo on the left is Sophie and my hubby. Sophie hates my hubby so much, not because my hubby is kicking her or he is doing something violent to her BUT because she thought my hubby is angry towards us girls in the house every time he speaks. My hubby cant deny the fact that he has a loud voice like my late dad. One day our neighbors heard my dad loud voice they thought my dad was scolding my mom but they listen further and after a few minutes they heard my mom,dad and us laughing then they concluded that my parents weren't fighting. So, Sophie is trying to protect us(girls) to the big man in the house by barking at him as loud as she could. Sophie thought she is big enough to protect us. Funny thing!!!! Her constant barking to my hubby makes it annoying to everybody in the house so, mom told her friend about this constant barking of Sophie and her friend told her about the bark collar she bought for her dog and it really works. So, mom went to the pet shop and bought a bark collar to stop Sophie from her constant barking in the house. When my mom had it with her, she put it around Sophie's neck and when my hubby came home, she barks at him but her barking was strange it was only a half way through bark and she leaps and hide under the chair. She tried to bark again and shocked her for the second time and she leaped again and went into mom's room. Its a lesson I guess for her to learn that its not necessary to bark all the time.There were times that we just put the bark collar without turning it on and she knows that if she will bark it will shock her, so she quits barking. One day, we had a visitor and she barks at them but mom already put the bark collar but didn't work and mom was wondering why it didn't work, when she look at it, she found out that Sophie swung the bark collar on the other side of his neck so when she barks it wont hit his throat and she wont be shock. Smart Sophie!!!! Anyways, she is now calming down.... bark collar works for her and maybe for your dog too if you are planning to help your dog minimize their barking habit buy one.

Snow everywhere

When I was a kid, I was wishing to feel, touch and see the real white flakes dropping to the Earth they called snow. In my mind it would be one of the awesome experience I would ever have in my life. But I just kept those wishes in my heart and mind and never thought I would really experience it. When I was in Seoul, South Korea, I experienced my first winter....It was Saturday morning when one of my young Korean friends came in the church and whispered on my ear and said, Ate...its snowing outside, common lets go out, and without hesitation, I left the church and went outside playing with the snow with the kids. I let the snow fell on my hands and I also put some on my mouth to taste, I was just curious, then I said to myself, they were just crushed ice,hahahhaa...... I was really really happy that time. I acted like a kid....But I didn't care what people thought, I said to myself this is what I've seen on the television, I read on the book and seen on the pictures...I am experiencing it now for real.The snow those time wasn't much during my stay there, it melted right away but it was ok because I've seen it on my eyes and felt it with my hands and skin and thought how mighty God is.But on the other side of the country they have a really thick snow but it was really far from where I lived. Then the winter passed by without my noticed and I haven't taken a picture with it to show with my family when I get home, so I was thinking to extend my work and stay there for another year just for the snow....hhahhahaa.. I was crazy.....When I told my friends about my reason of extending my stay there...They just laughed at me and commented, that I speak non-sense things....well to them maybe,I speak in non-sense thought but for me, It does make sense....i really regret when I was there for not taking any pictures with the real snow because I decided at the end not to extend my stay but go home....So, when I was working in Thailand....I and some friends visited one of the amusement park there and they have a fake ice land....I went inside with my friend and took many pictures as I could and I said to myself, now...there's nothing to worry about...I've got a lot of pictures with the snow...they are not real but they are still called snow...hahahhha...Few years passed, I never thought that I will experience the real snow again and this time with my beloved hubby and I experienced the thick snow I've ever seen...Then the other day, I was walking on the street with my thick jacket,a hat and gloves and enjoyed the cold and white environment....I loved looking at the trees without leaves but with snow on it, some pine trees with snow on it, houses with the snow on the roof and many more....It was so cool...While I was walking, I thought the ice I was about to step on isn't thick and I thought it was hard, but I was wrong because it was soft dry ice and my little feet sank and the ice almost reached my little knee and I started feeling my feet getting cold.... then,I smiled at myself of what had happened, it's cold but its fun. Then I saw the ice on the road looks like mud but my husband explained to me why, he said,its because some workers on the road pour salt to melt the ice so that people can drive safely. Anyways, everywhere now in the place I live is cold, I am glad I experienced this kind of season again on which we don't have in the Philippines but now I realized how pretty it is to live in the island.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Do you have a pet?what kind of pet do you have? a dog, a cat or a fish? Whatever it is, how do you show your love to them?
When I was a kid we had a dog. His named was blackienot because his color was pure black but it was white with a black spots all around his body. I don't know why my dad called him balckie, if there's a reason behind it, he was the only one who knows what it was. Blackie was my dad trusted pet to take care of our farm chicken from their predators. Every time the predators was flying down to catch a poor chick, blackie ran and chased the predators away from the chick. Not only that, blackie also protected us from the bad stranger at night and day. He was so dear to my dad and to us. But sad to say he was left on our farm house when we move to another house to take care of our farm chickens and some fruit trees. My dad visited him twice or once a week with his food. I am sure blackie was sad at those moment because he seldom saw us. One day, I and my sister was told to bring blackies' food, as we were approaching to our farm house, the first thing we saw was blackie running toward us and start smelling us and kissed us...he was so happy to see us again, and we feel pity to him. For many weeks passed,my dad was wondering how did blackie survive with the food he brought to him once a week, beautiful day, he planned to bring food for blackie and then hide behind the bushes and see whats he will be doing with the food. To my dads' surprised, the dog used his head, he divided his food and buried the rest in the ground to have food for the remaining days of the week because he knows that his master will come and visit him once a week to bring his food. Seeing that, my dads' shed tears on his face and feel pity to his beloved dog and that day, he decided to take with him blackie in our new house and live with us. Blackie lived for 12 years and passed away. When I arrived here last year, I learned that the love we showed to blackie wasnt enough, I saw it with my eyes how our neighbours, my mother-in-law, my hubby, my niece and nephew showed their love and care to their dogs. I was amazed how they treat their them. They treat them like their kids and makes my heart sad for what we did to our dog. I hope I still have chance to show how much I love our other dog when I'll go back to my country in 2 years.I am also amazed here, because they have what they called dog adoption, and I thought its only child adoption. Its kinda funny but that's the truth here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

hard working man

Hello guys, I'm  trying to tell you my experiences on the road of America with my hubby...We were driving through the state of Indiana going to Ohio to deliver another load but on our way to Ohio, my attention was diverted to a dark field but with a light moving on it. So I wonder and asked my hubby, what was that? he replied, its a farmer trying to get things done on his farm before rain starts to pour down to earth. What a hard working farmer, he probably work day and night trying to plant some crop on his farm to earn so he can raise his family and so that people will have food to eat. I was amazed. I couldn't believe what I saw.Then I remembered my dad who worked like a dog too. He worked 2 0r 3 kinds of job a day. My mom helped him too. He usually go to bed at 11:30 in the evening and wake up at 4 in the morning to buy the needed stuff for our little shop whom my mom was taking care of while my dad was working on his job. They worked like that because they have 5 mouths to feed and 2  kids were in college and probably the lack of rest was one cause of my dads' early death. I saw how God blessed their hard labor like a farmer I saw last night. This is the reason too why America  is so productive and become the world number 1 in economy because people work day and night.

kind couple

Now, we're done picking up the load and we were on our way to IOWA to deliver the load from Bagdad,AZ. Unexpected thing happened our truck wont start. It was broken....and we were still in the middle of nowhere we cant contact the trucking company my husband is working for because we didnt have any cellphone signal.we sent messages through the qualcom but it will take a half to an hour to receive a reply so we need to call them and let them know.It was a good thing though that the truck was broken at the place where we saw few houses in a distance and my husband said, sweetie come with me we need to find a house and ask a favor to use their telephone to contact my company. That day, we met an old couple named Paul and Ellen they had a great heart and let us use their phone and Paul even extend his help with my husband. while they worked together trying to figure out why the the truck wont start, i was with Ellen in her house had a great time talking with her while she made tomatoe sauce,she said, she was from connecticut but when got married with her husband she moved to Skull valley Arizona where they live now and she said she loves it because it's very peaceful and she was right. We were thankful to God that He sent those kind couples to help us with expecting in return. The unexpected thing didnt stop there because while we were driving up the hill at flagstaff, Arizona we heard a big blow out I said, honey i guess its the tire????he stopped and checked if the loud blow up was a tire but it wasnt it was the tube of the truck blew and we dont know why? if you were driving close to us during the blow up you cant take the really loud noise and you might wish to drive fast and be away around us. my husband tried his best to drive slowly to reach the flat land and i couldnt take the loud noise so we both use an ear plugs to protect or ears.Inspite of those we still arrived and delivered the load on time and safe.

Scared in the middle of nowhere

Hey guys, last weekend we've got a load to be delivered to Phoenix,AZ. I really enjoyed the drive because i saw different kinds of cactus in different places in Arizona. I said to myself this long kind of cactus, I've seen only on the book when i was studying and now i've seen in reality. i took some pictures and i will posted them sooner.

On our way to Bagdad,AZ, we stopped and get some rest in the middle of nowhere, i mean a place where there were no houses, no truck stops, no store, no people only the desert mountain with the cactus and some animals and probably some rattle snakes. When we stopped there for a night, i told my husband i want to take pictures with the cactus after the sun goes down but he said, "sweetie i heard that there are rattle snakes on the dessert and they usually comes out on cool day so we better take pictures now while the sun still warning you to be careful to where you step,as soon as he mentioned that to me my spirit went somewhere else and I kept leaping and leaping and i dont want to step on the ground,he called my attention again, sweetie, i didnt scare you i just want to warn you so that you will be careful and simmer down now you will be alright but still i dont want to step on the ground and i told him i will just take pictures from the truck, he said are you kidding me?you said you want to take pictures with the cactus, then i replied, yeah but i change my mind .When you heard something that scares you what comes into your mind?me,the movie i had watched long time ago that really scared me or a situation that really scared me.But in this matter i remembered the movie entitled "snakes in the plane" .that night at Bagdad,Arizona I had so many weard imagination in my mind like:what if the snaked are in the trailer when we wake up?what if the snakes can get into the truck?what shall we do?I prayed that night that God will keep us safe for the night and God did answered my prayers we were safe and we're able to drive safe to the place we picked up the load.

Broken window

the truck that my hubby was driven lookied like this
When I was still in Thailand, my husband told me about the big truck where he slept, cooked and drove. I couldn't imagine how big it was. So when I came over here, I couldn't imagine that it was really a huge truck. I was in the big orange truck (picture on the left), for 7 and a half months. It was our home. It was a wonderful experienced of mine seeing America at the same time we were earning.
Last August we delivered a load in Maine, the day wasn't cooperating with us because it was raining....the load that we supposed to pick up was ready but when our trailer was about to be loaded....the workers in the paper company noticed some leakage on the roof of the trailer so, we were advice to let it fix first and then come back to be loaded. My husband tried to contact his company through the technology they used called qualcomm but he cant find signal in his qualcomm because we were again in the middle of no where so he tried to contact them through the phone, we little lucky because we had phone signal. While he was talking with his company,he went out to check how big was the hole on the trailer and when he came back in the truck, he shut the door hard to lock it properly because if he wont, the door wont be shut. After shutting the door, the whole window glass just fell off. It was shattered into small pieces and nothing will stop the cold rain and wind from coming into our truck while my husband was driving. It was really a bad day. Then we drove 45 miles to get to the shop to fix the trailer and hopefully the window glass too because it was raining and also unsafe. After spending for 30 minutes in the shop the trailer was fixed but the window was excluded so, we just look for a transparent plastic in that shop and tape it temporarily because we will reached the trucking operating center of my husband's company in the following day. We went back to the paper company and get loaded and headed to our destination. Our load was headed to Illinois but we cant get to the delivery place on the same day we picked up the load because my husband was ran out of hours so we stopped for a night in one of the truck stop in New York. When we arrived in the truck stop there was only one parking space we found, so we parked there and my husband went into the truck stop store and bought something but I stayed in the truck, he came back very soon and I asked him... Why? he said...I felt that you are unsafe here alone and we were unsafe in this place too. So he started the engine and drove further to another truck stop. When we finally parked for a night he felt that we were unsafe because of our broken window but we have no choice...he runs out of hours so stopped and get some rest. My husband told me that night that he didn't want to go to bed and get sleep. I asked him why? he said, he will just watch me sleeping and keep us safe since our window wasn't fixed. He then added few months ago, there was a truck driver who has been killed while sitting on his chair and he didn't want that to be happened to both of us.I asked him will you drive tomorrow? he said, I will drink a lot of coffee tonight and tomorrow...Can you imagine how many tons of coffee he might consume for 24 hours?a lot... then this time... I said, "you said are not scared to die because you already died once when the pick up truck hit you and now you are scared that somebody might come into our truck and kill us"?He replied to were right sweety, I am not scared to die but since I got you I don't want to die now. (He loves me so much and I love him too VERY much as much as I like my white virginal rice...hahahhaha). I said to him, honey...I love you and we are going to sleep.... we will just pray before we will close our eyes and trust our lives in the hands of God, If He will take our lives tonight, then we have nothing to worry about because we will be both gone. He agreed with me and we had a deep sound sleep that night and woke up safe. God kept us safe from the evil.