Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bark Collar

The photo on the left is Sophie and my hubby. Sophie hates my hubby so much, not because my hubby is kicking her or he is doing something violent to her BUT because she thought my hubby is angry towards us girls in the house every time he speaks. My hubby cant deny the fact that he has a loud voice like my late dad. One day our neighbors heard my dad loud voice they thought my dad was scolding my mom but they listen further and after a few minutes they heard my mom,dad and us laughing then they concluded that my parents weren't fighting. So, Sophie is trying to protect us(girls) to the big man in the house by barking at him as loud as she could. Sophie thought she is big enough to protect us. Funny thing!!!! Her constant barking to my hubby makes it annoying to everybody in the house so, mom told her friend about this constant barking of Sophie and her friend told her about the bark collar she bought for her dog and it really works. So, mom went to the pet shop and bought a bark collar to stop Sophie from her constant barking in the house. When my mom had it with her, she put it around Sophie's neck and when my hubby came home, she barks at him but her barking was strange it was only a half way through bark and she leaps and hide under the chair. She tried to bark again and shocked her for the second time and she leaped again and went into mom's room. Its a lesson I guess for her to learn that its not necessary to bark all the time.There were times that we just put the bark collar without turning it on and she knows that if she will bark it will shock her, so she quits barking. One day, we had a visitor and she barks at them but mom already put the bark collar but didn't work and mom was wondering why it didn't work, when she look at it, she found out that Sophie swung the bark collar on the other side of his neck so when she barks it wont hit his throat and she wont be shock. Smart Sophie!!!! Anyways, she is now calming down.... bark collar works for her and maybe for your dog too if you are planning to help your dog minimize their barking habit buy one.

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