Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow everywhere

When I was a kid, I was wishing to feel, touch and see the real white flakes dropping to the Earth they called snow. In my mind it would be one of the awesome experience I would ever have in my life. But I just kept those wishes in my heart and mind and never thought I would really experience it. When I was in Seoul, South Korea, I experienced my first winter....It was Saturday morning when one of my young Korean friends came in the church and whispered on my ear and said, Ate...its snowing outside, common lets go out, and without hesitation, I left the church and went outside playing with the snow with the kids. I let the snow fell on my hands and I also put some on my mouth to taste, I was just curious, then I said to myself, they were just crushed ice,hahahhaa...... I was really really happy that time. I acted like a kid....But I didn't care what people thought, I said to myself this is what I've seen on the television, I read on the book and seen on the pictures...I am experiencing it now for real.The snow those time wasn't much during my stay there, it melted right away but it was ok because I've seen it on my eyes and felt it with my hands and skin and thought how mighty God is.But on the other side of the country they have a really thick snow but it was really far from where I lived. Then the winter passed by without my noticed and I haven't taken a picture with it to show with my family when I get home, so I was thinking to extend my work and stay there for another year just for the snow....hhahhahaa.. I was crazy.....When I told my friends about my reason of extending my stay there...They just laughed at me and commented, that I speak non-sense things....well to them maybe,I speak in non-sense thought but for me, It does make sense....i really regret when I was there for not taking any pictures with the real snow because I decided at the end not to extend my stay but go home....So, when I was working in Thailand....I and some friends visited one of the amusement park there and they have a fake ice land....I went inside with my friend and took many pictures as I could and I said to myself, now...there's nothing to worry about...I've got a lot of pictures with the snow...they are not real but they are still called snow...hahahhha...Few years passed, I never thought that I will experience the real snow again and this time with my beloved hubby and I experienced the thick snow I've ever seen...Then the other day, I was walking on the street with my thick jacket,a hat and gloves and enjoyed the cold and white environment....I loved looking at the trees without leaves but with snow on it, some pine trees with snow on it, houses with the snow on the roof and many more....It was so cool...While I was walking, I thought the ice I was about to step on isn't thick and I thought it was hard, but I was wrong because it was soft dry ice and my little feet sank and the ice almost reached my little knee and I started feeling my feet getting cold.... then,I smiled at myself of what had happened, it's cold but its fun. Then I saw the ice on the road looks like mud but my husband explained to me why, he said,its because some workers on the road pour salt to melt the ice so that people can drive safely. Anyways, everywhere now in the place I live is cold, I am glad I experienced this kind of season again on which we don't have in the Philippines but now I realized how pretty it is to live in the island.

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