Monday, December 6, 2010

R U me?

Hmmmm....taste delicious,the popular rice cake in the Philippines called:
"Bibingka" the ingredients are rice dough,coconut milk,sugar,vanilla and butter. It is cooked over the fire until golden brown.
When I was a kid my mom used to make Bibingka for sell.One day, while she was busy cooking Bibingka, a visitor knocked our door. My mom left some of the cooked big as plate bibingka on the table and reminded me and my sister never to touch the Bibingka on the table.We nod our head and added YES to her.While she was attending the visitor,I and my sister looked at each other then to the delicious Bibingka on the table.We looked in the living room and see if my mom and the visitor were still there.We saw them happily and busy chatting.We went back to the kitchen and we agreed to pinch the edge of one the bibingka my mom made just to taste.The planned of just to taste went to grabbing the whole piece and we hide under the table and enjoyed eating the bibingka.When my mom finally came back she noticed the silence in the kitchen, then she thought somethings wrong going on...she called my name and my sisters name but we never answered her because we knew we disobeyed her.She pretended that she didnt have any idea where we at and kept calling our name but we never answered, we were very scared to be hit for disobeying her until she decided to look under the table and there she saw the half big bibingka on our hand and we handed back to her the half and said we were just curious what its taste.they look tasty and were tempted, we're sorry mom.Our mom said, i told you that i will give you some when Im done but you didnt wait.So, no more Bibingka for you both. Go to your room.We walked slowly to our room while blaming at each other.

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