Monday, December 6, 2010

Scared in the middle of nowhere

Hey guys, last weekend we've got a load to be delivered to Phoenix,AZ. I really enjoyed the drive because i saw different kinds of cactus in different places in Arizona. I said to myself this long kind of cactus, I've seen only on the book when i was studying and now i've seen in reality. i took some pictures and i will posted them sooner.

On our way to Bagdad,AZ, we stopped and get some rest in the middle of nowhere, i mean a place where there were no houses, no truck stops, no store, no people only the desert mountain with the cactus and some animals and probably some rattle snakes. When we stopped there for a night, i told my husband i want to take pictures with the cactus after the sun goes down but he said, "sweetie i heard that there are rattle snakes on the dessert and they usually comes out on cool day so we better take pictures now while the sun still warning you to be careful to where you step,as soon as he mentioned that to me my spirit went somewhere else and I kept leaping and leaping and i dont want to step on the ground,he called my attention again, sweetie, i didnt scare you i just want to warn you so that you will be careful and simmer down now you will be alright but still i dont want to step on the ground and i told him i will just take pictures from the truck, he said are you kidding me?you said you want to take pictures with the cactus, then i replied, yeah but i change my mind .When you heard something that scares you what comes into your mind?me,the movie i had watched long time ago that really scared me or a situation that really scared me.But in this matter i remembered the movie entitled "snakes in the plane" .that night at Bagdad,Arizona I had so many weard imagination in my mind like:what if the snaked are in the trailer when we wake up?what if the snakes can get into the truck?what shall we do?I prayed that night that God will keep us safe for the night and God did answered my prayers we were safe and we're able to drive safe to the place we picked up the load.

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