Monday, December 6, 2010

Broken window

the truck that my hubby was driven lookied like this
When I was still in Thailand, my husband told me about the big truck where he slept, cooked and drove. I couldn't imagine how big it was. So when I came over here, I couldn't imagine that it was really a huge truck. I was in the big orange truck (picture on the left), for 7 and a half months. It was our home. It was a wonderful experienced of mine seeing America at the same time we were earning.
Last August we delivered a load in Maine, the day wasn't cooperating with us because it was raining....the load that we supposed to pick up was ready but when our trailer was about to be loaded....the workers in the paper company noticed some leakage on the roof of the trailer so, we were advice to let it fix first and then come back to be loaded. My husband tried to contact his company through the technology they used called qualcomm but he cant find signal in his qualcomm because we were again in the middle of no where so he tried to contact them through the phone, we little lucky because we had phone signal. While he was talking with his company,he went out to check how big was the hole on the trailer and when he came back in the truck, he shut the door hard to lock it properly because if he wont, the door wont be shut. After shutting the door, the whole window glass just fell off. It was shattered into small pieces and nothing will stop the cold rain and wind from coming into our truck while my husband was driving. It was really a bad day. Then we drove 45 miles to get to the shop to fix the trailer and hopefully the window glass too because it was raining and also unsafe. After spending for 30 minutes in the shop the trailer was fixed but the window was excluded so, we just look for a transparent plastic in that shop and tape it temporarily because we will reached the trucking operating center of my husband's company in the following day. We went back to the paper company and get loaded and headed to our destination. Our load was headed to Illinois but we cant get to the delivery place on the same day we picked up the load because my husband was ran out of hours so we stopped for a night in one of the truck stop in New York. When we arrived in the truck stop there was only one parking space we found, so we parked there and my husband went into the truck stop store and bought something but I stayed in the truck, he came back very soon and I asked him... Why? he said...I felt that you are unsafe here alone and we were unsafe in this place too. So he started the engine and drove further to another truck stop. When we finally parked for a night he felt that we were unsafe because of our broken window but we have no choice...he runs out of hours so stopped and get some rest. My husband told me that night that he didn't want to go to bed and get sleep. I asked him why? he said, he will just watch me sleeping and keep us safe since our window wasn't fixed. He then added few months ago, there was a truck driver who has been killed while sitting on his chair and he didn't want that to be happened to both of us.I asked him will you drive tomorrow? he said, I will drink a lot of coffee tonight and tomorrow...Can you imagine how many tons of coffee he might consume for 24 hours?a lot... then this time... I said, "you said are not scared to die because you already died once when the pick up truck hit you and now you are scared that somebody might come into our truck and kill us"?He replied to were right sweety, I am not scared to die but since I got you I don't want to die now. (He loves me so much and I love him too VERY much as much as I like my white virginal rice...hahahhaha). I said to him, honey...I love you and we are going to sleep.... we will just pray before we will close our eyes and trust our lives in the hands of God, If He will take our lives tonight, then we have nothing to worry about because we will be both gone. He agreed with me and we had a deep sound sleep that night and woke up safe. God kept us safe from the evil.

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