Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Do you have a pet?what kind of pet do you have? a dog, a cat or a fish? Whatever it is, how do you show your love to them?
When I was a kid we had a dog. His named was blackienot because his color was pure black but it was white with a black spots all around his body. I don't know why my dad called him balckie, if there's a reason behind it, he was the only one who knows what it was. Blackie was my dad trusted pet to take care of our farm chicken from their predators. Every time the predators was flying down to catch a poor chick, blackie ran and chased the predators away from the chick. Not only that, blackie also protected us from the bad stranger at night and day. He was so dear to my dad and to us. But sad to say he was left on our farm house when we move to another house to take care of our farm chickens and some fruit trees. My dad visited him twice or once a week with his food. I am sure blackie was sad at those moment because he seldom saw us. One day, I and my sister was told to bring blackies' food, as we were approaching to our farm house, the first thing we saw was blackie running toward us and start smelling us and kissed us...he was so happy to see us again, and we feel pity to him. For many weeks passed,my dad was wondering how did blackie survive with the food he brought to him once a week, so..one beautiful day, he planned to bring food for blackie and then hide behind the bushes and see whats he will be doing with the food. To my dads' surprised, the dog used his head, he divided his food and buried the rest in the ground to have food for the remaining days of the week because he knows that his master will come and visit him once a week to bring his food. Seeing that, my dads' shed tears on his face and feel pity to his beloved dog and that day, he decided to take with him blackie in our new house and live with us. Blackie lived for 12 years and passed away. When I arrived here last year, I learned that the love we showed to blackie wasnt enough, I saw it with my eyes how our neighbours, my mother-in-law, my hubby, my niece and nephew showed their love and care to their dogs. I was amazed how they treat their them. They treat them like their kids and makes my heart sad for what we did to our dog. I hope I still have chance to show how much I love our other dog when I'll go back to my country in 2 years.I am also amazed here, because they have what they called dog adoption, and I thought its only child adoption. Its kinda funny but that's the truth here.

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