Monday, December 6, 2010

My Dad had a great faith

There are people born lucky and inherited the wealth of their family. They have nothing to worry about what to eat, drink, wear and what to do. But there are people also who are very complicated, they already have everything but still can't decide for their lives and instead indulge themselves in a very hard situation that leads their life miserable. There are people who are born poor but  hard working and happy. There are people who  are born poor but lazy and sad.
             My youngsters and I was born in a very poor family. We only had 1 room in the house. We do everything in that small room, sleep,eat, worship God,store our food and some farm produce and etc. I was born to a farmer parents and 1 cow is the only wealth my parents possessed that IF God took their lives at our young age, a cow would be our only heir from them.  In spite of those, we were happy. I always helped my parents  as the oldest child in the farm early morning before going to school and after school. Every morning I  harvested guava so I can sell and buy my own writing paper for school. I grow very independent fast, maybe because I had a little sister after I was born and young brothers. I also learn quickly how to cook, clean, do laundry, and fold  clothes. Being the oldest child, I always look forward to be the role model to my youngster and I always be. My dad is very active in our church and he had a great faith with God no matter what he did.God is always his partner and he imparted that legacy to us too. He was the most hard working person I've ever known in my life because he has 6 mouths to feed. My parents were genetically productive for they have 5 of us. In spite of those large family, my dad is never worried about feeding us. He always said, why worry for your life,can't you see those birds soaring in the air which don't work,  but still have food to eat?God take care of them. He will do the same to us which is His precious children whom He gave His only begotten son to die for us and so we can have eternal life? The only thing we have to do is to work hard and let God do the rest.

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