Monday, December 6, 2010

kind couple

Now, we're done picking up the load and we were on our way to IOWA to deliver the load from Bagdad,AZ. Unexpected thing happened our truck wont start. It was broken....and we were still in the middle of nowhere we cant contact the trucking company my husband is working for because we didnt have any cellphone signal.we sent messages through the qualcom but it will take a half to an hour to receive a reply so we need to call them and let them know.It was a good thing though that the truck was broken at the place where we saw few houses in a distance and my husband said, sweetie come with me we need to find a house and ask a favor to use their telephone to contact my company. That day, we met an old couple named Paul and Ellen they had a great heart and let us use their phone and Paul even extend his help with my husband. while they worked together trying to figure out why the the truck wont start, i was with Ellen in her house had a great time talking with her while she made tomatoe sauce,she said, she was from connecticut but when got married with her husband she moved to Skull valley Arizona where they live now and she said she loves it because it's very peaceful and she was right. We were thankful to God that He sent those kind couples to help us with expecting in return. The unexpected thing didnt stop there because while we were driving up the hill at flagstaff, Arizona we heard a big blow out I said, honey i guess its the tire????he stopped and checked if the loud blow up was a tire but it wasnt it was the tube of the truck blew and we dont know why? if you were driving close to us during the blow up you cant take the really loud noise and you might wish to drive fast and be away around us. my husband tried his best to drive slowly to reach the flat land and i couldnt take the loud noise so we both use an ear plugs to protect or ears.Inspite of those we still arrived and delivered the load on time and safe.

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